Alternatives to Guardianship Project
Consultation & Mediation   

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Hulme Resources Inc. is now accepting referrals for consultations and mediation.  Services include one-on-one self-help advice in the following areas:

Guardianship and Alternatives.  We provide support to individuals with I/DD and families thinking about guardianship and feasible alternatives.

* Supported Decision-Making.  We provide guidance to those who want to develop a supported decision-making plan to be implemented with or without guardianship.

* Powers of Attorney.  We suggest resources for individuals and families who want to explore financial and medical powers of attorney as an alternative to guardianship.

* Mediation.  We help individuals and families seek mediation as a method to terminate an existing guardianship and restore rights.


Individuals seeking a consultation, and agencies referring such individuals, should email us at:  Basic consultations include up to four hours of free self-help advice.

Our self-help services do not include legal advice.  We encourage individuals and families to consult with an attorney if they have specific legal questions.  Our services involve general information on these topics and referrals to relevant educational materials and other resources.

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